The perfect fit.


Experience tells us that great recruitment starts from within. It’s why before we go out and find the perfect fit, we must first get to know your business, from the inside. Not just what you do, but your culture, objectives and how these vary from department to department.

Because at AJT Bespoke Resourcing it’s not just about understanding the role and the skills required, but the bigger picture too. And it’s only by getting under the skin of your business can we identify the right people to help you get to where you want to go.

It’s a competitive and rapidly-evolving job market out there, but thanks to our drive to work collaboratively and our partnership approach, we will work with you to:

  • Differentiate what you have to offer by promoting your business and your vision to interested candidates – it isn’t just about the role.
  • Position your business as a great place to work, keeping you at the forefront of a job seeker’s mind and on everyone’s radar.
  • Most importantly, we make sure we get the fit right. Not just finding people with the right skills but who share your vision and your values too.

Please contact us to find out how AJT Bespoke Resourcing can help you not just attract, but ACQUIRE the finest talent around.