A trusted partner all the way through.


Sending a batch of CV’s is often where many solution providers think their job is done. We don’t. As your trusted partner, we will work with you to design an engaging, robust and effective recruitment and selection process. This not only helps you find the right person, but saves valuable time too.

From CV screening and shortlisting, to hiring manager recruitment training and on-boarding, we’ll create a candidate journey that’s as engaging as it is informative but always mindful of your budget and timescales.

At AJT Bespoke Resourcing we aim to put our candidates at the heart of things, we are after all, brand ambassadors but who also represent you. We work really hard to create a cohesion between us, our clients and our candidates. Each person plays a crucial role and as the recruitment process unfolds our key aim is to ensure that everyone feels valued, respected and informed every step of the way. It’s only fair, good manners cost nothing. And especially our candidates who don’t get an offer, there are usually more of them and they have earned a positive recruitment experience and will be treated well. We never forget, candidate today, customer tomorrow.

Find out how AJT Bespoke Resourcing can help you ACHIEVE great things.